How to lay lawn turf

Order your turf

Contact Acres Supply Garden Centre on 01373 832591! Order about 5% more than your calculated area to allow for wastage or awkward cuts. Plan exactly where the turf is to be stacked – do this before the lorry arrives!

Feed the Soil

About a week before the final preparation of the plot, add approx 28g (2oz) of Growmore (or other general-purpose feed) per square metre and lightly rake it into the surface.

Get the plot ready

Mark out the area to be turfed using a garden line for the straight edges. Curves are more difficult to mark – scratch out a shallow drill with a stick and fill the drill line with sand.

Get the turf ready

Standard turves are approx. 42cm x 122cm (16.5” x 46”) – you get two rolls per square metre. The turves will be rolled up when you get them. Turf can deteriorate quite quickly (particularly in hot, sunny weather), so plan to lay it as soon as you get it.

If the turf is to be laid within three days of delivery, store in a stack three or four turves high. If the turf is to be laid more than three days after you get it, spread them out in a shady spot and water if necessary.

Lay the first row of turves

Start with a single row along the side of the site closest to the stack of turves.

Tamp down each row of turves with tamper made from thick boards. Lay the boards on the newly laid row of turf and tamp down with a pole (or something similar), or gently walk up and down on a plank of wood.

After tamping down, check the levels with a board and spirit level. If there are bumps and hollows, never beat the turf down with the back of the spade - lift the turf and add or remove soil as necessary.

Finish laying the turves

Stand on a plank – never on the newly-laid turf or on the plot. If you plan to bring turves across the turfed area in a wheelbarrow, do not overload it and lay planks to avoid rutting.

Taking care of your new lawn

When the grass begins to grow you will have to start a new lawn establishment programme. First of all, cut the lawn with the blades set high, so only the tips of the grass leaves trimmed.

As the season progresses the blades should be gradually lowered until the required height of cut is reached. In late April or May apply a quick-acting liquid lawn fertiliser.

Top-dressing at this stage will help to smooth out any minor bumps or hollows.

Weedkiller can be used on an autumn-laid lawn.

Remember that your new lawn is more susceptible than established turf to damage and drought, so water thoroughly during prolonged dry spells.

For further information contact Acres Supply Garden Centre on 01373 832591.