Antirrhinum Rust Resistant Mixed

Antirrhinum Rust Resistant Mixed

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Antirrhinum Rust Resistant Mixed Seeds


Antirrhinum majus (Scrophulariaceae)

Half Hardy Perennial (HHP) Partial Shade Suitable for Containers Suitable for Attracting Bees Perfect for Pollination

Bright, bold colours on plants which do not succumb to ‘rust’ disease. A most reliable and sparkling seed mixture of classic ‘snapdragon’ flowers which provides plenty of colour in summer beds and borders. Rust Resistant Mixed is also tall enough to make a good cut flower for indoor display.

Antirrhinum is actually a half-hardy perennial, which may over-winter in mild and frost-free areas, but it is usually treated as a half-hardy annual as it flowers easily in the year of sowing. The name ‘antirrhinum’ derives from the Greek anti (opposite) and rhis (snout) which refers to the shape of the corolla. 

S: January - March F: June - October

Height: 45cm(18in)
Plant Class: Half Hardy Perennial (Treat as HHA).
Habit: Medium, Upright.

1000 seeds