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Ascott Urn

The cast stone Ascott Urn by Haddonstone is an ornate garden ornament first replicated for the National Trust Ascott estate in Bedfordshire. Owned by the Rothschild family since 1873, the garden at Ascott House is its best known and most original feature. Leopold de Rothschild (1845 –1917), considered to be a talented gardener, laid out the grounds of Ascott in 1902 with the assistance of Sir Harry Veitch (1840 –1924), an eminent horticulturist who was instrumental in establishing the Chelsea Flower Show. In 1949 the house and grounds were given to the National Trust, although it remains a Rothschild family home. The original Ascott Urn was by Pulham - small, ornate and adorned with goat heads. The ornate bowl is decorated with a band of nail-head motifs and plain leaf moulding. This ornament is perfect for enhancing balustrading or can be used to hide untidy areas of a garden.

The cast stone Ascott Urn by Haddonstone is available in Portland, Bath and Terracotta colours.

Height: 455mm 18''
Weight: 46 kg 100 lb
Width at top: 350mm 13¾''
Width overall: 515mm 20¼''
Width at base: 290mm 11½''

Price: £209.00


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