Haddenstone Campana Vase

Haddenstone Campana Vase

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The cast stone Campana Vase from Haddonstone is a large, elegant garden planter with traditional design features. The elegant Campana Vase is one of the latest additions to the extensive Haddonstone Collection. The campana-shaped bowl, in the form of an upturned bell, features stylised acanthus leaf decoration. The bell shaped Campana Vase is perfect for formal gardens and terraces.

The acanthus is one of the most popular ornaments used to depict foliage in garden ornaments and is perfect for ornamental planters. Architectural ornaments often feature stylised decorations and, in the case of the Acanthus, are intended to give the appearance of leaves from the Mediterranean Acanthus Spinosus plant. Acanthus ornaments appear extensively in the capitals of the Corinthian and Composite orders. Ancient Greek architecture was the first to use the acanthus ornament, later elaborated by the Romans The design continued in popularity in Byzantine, Romanesque and Gothic architecture, again during the Renaissance, and still favored in the present. The campana or bell shape of the elegant Campana Vase is a traditional design feature.

This large cast stone garden feature by Haddonstone is available in Portland, Bath and Terracotta colours.

Height: 1035mm 40 3/4"
Weight: 187 kg 412 lb
Width at base: 460mm 18 1/8"
Width at top: 755mm 29 3/4"