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Williams Bon Chretien Pear Tree (Pyrus communis 'Williams' Bon Chretien'_image

Williams Bon Chretien Pear Tree (Pyrus communis 'Williams' Bon Chretien'

 An old English pear variety, first introduced in the 18th Century, Williams' Bon Chretien (Pyrus 'Williams' Bon Chretien') is an extremely good pear. The pears are medium to large in size and an appealing pale green colour turning later to an attractive golden yellow colour. Very juicy and sweet and with regular, good crops, Williams' Bon Cretien is a good choice of pear.

Month of Picking: October

Type of Pear: Eating

Self-fertile/Not self-fertile: This pear is not self-fertile so it is necessary to have another pear for pollination

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