Haddenstone Eastwell Urn

Haddenstone Eastwell Urn

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The cast stone Eastwell Urn from Haddonstone is a large, elegant tazza with elaborately interlaced ribbonwork decoration around the bowl. The Eastwell Urn can also be supplied in fountain form as a centrepiece fountain for a pool or water feature.

The Eastwell Urn was originally replicated by Haddonstone to replace damaged original garden planters at Eastwell Manor, the prestigious country house hotel in Kent, known as the Garden of England. Eastwell Church is reputedly the location for the burial of Richard Plantagenet, or Richard of Eastwell, who may have been Richard III's illegitimate son, although the evidence is circumstantial. A Richard Plantagenet's death was registered in the Eastwell Church registry in 1550. Richard Plantagenet was a bricklayer or stonemason, employed for the rebuilding of Eastwell Manor.

The elegant Eastwell Urn is a decorated cast stone garden planter which can enhance patios and terraces or can be used alongside walks and pathways.

The cast stone Eastwell Urn by Haddonstone is available in Portland, Bath and Terracotta colours.

Height: 595mm 23½''
Weight: 89 kg 195 lb
Width at top: 785mm 31''
Width at base: 350mm 13¾''