Haddenstone Hadrian Vase

Haddenstone Hadrian Vase

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The cast stone Hadrian Vase without handles from Haddonstone is a simple yet elegant version of the Hadrian Vase  The Hadrian Vase combines a half-gadrooned bowl with egg-and-dart rim, a circular socle and square base.

Hadrian (AD 76 – 138) was Emperor of Rome from AD 117 to 138. Hadrian was an acclaimed patron of the arts. Indeed, Hadrian's Villa at Tivoli is regarded as the greatest Roman example of an Alexandrian garden, recreating a sacred landscape. In Rome, the Pantheon was rebuilt under Hadrian in the domed form it retains to this day. It is among the best preserved ancient Rome buildings and was highly influential to many of the great architects of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque periods.

Ideal for gardens and landscapes of all sizes, the elegant cast stone Hadrian Vase by Haddonstone is available in Portland, Bath and Terracotta colours.

Height: 685mm 27''
Weight : 158 kg 348 lb
Width at top : 760mm 30''
Width at base: 350mm 13¾''