Haddenstone Swagged Adam Vase

Haddenstone Swagged Adam Vase

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The stylish cast stone Swagged Adam Vase from Haddonstone has been adapted from Haddonstone's popular Swagged Adam finial. The elegant Swagged Adam Vase is a stylish planter featuring drapery swags which reflects the popular style of the architect Robert Adam (1728 – 1792) in the eighteenth century. The elegant Swagged Adam Vase is the perfect garden ornament for formal gardens.

Robert Adam was a renowned Scottish neoclassical architect, interior designer and furniture designer. In 1754 he left for Rome, spending nearly five years on the continent studying architecture under both Clérisseau and Piranesi. On his return to Britain he established a practice in London, where he developed what became known as the Adam Style based on his studies of antiquity. Consequently, Robert Adam became one of the most successful and fashionable architects in the country.

Robert Adam was leader of the first phase of the classical revival in England and Scotland from around 1760 until his death. He influenced the development of Western architecture, both in Europe and in North America. Adam was not content with providing houses for his clients but very ready to design the fittings and accessories as well.

The stylish cast stone Swagged Adam Vase by Haddonstone is available in Portland, Bath and Terracotta colours.

For dimensions of this popular garden planter by Haddonstone

Height: 530mm 20 7/8"
Weight: 50 kg 110 lb
Width overall: 495mm 19 1/2"
Width at base: 229mm 9"