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Water lily Marliacea Chromatella 'Yellow'_image

Water lily Marliacea Chromatella 'Yellow'

 Colour: Yellow

Size: Medium


This is the yellow water lily in Monet's painting of waterlilies. very free-flowering, large, primrose-yellow flowers, amidst olive-green foliage strikingly mottled with bronze.

Planting tips

Marliac type lily. Water lilies like to be well secured. Fill to around 2/3rds full a 10lt planting crate with heavy garden loam packed well down. Position the rhizome in the middle and pack more soil around it until just the growing tips are exposed. Top dress with pea gravel. Submerge until there is about 15-20cms (6-8ins) water above the surface of the gravel. When the leaves have grown to the surface lower the plant until it has no more than 70/80cms (30ins) water above the surface of the gravel.

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